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Pre-Construction Services

The success of any project depends on the development and implementation of comprehensive plans based on a set of shared objectives. Each client has unique needs and concerns, and every project comes with its own challenges and opportunities. Effectively addressing our clients’ needs requires a highly directed approach and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. We tailor our services to each client, helping them to make timely, well-informed choices that yield maximum benefit. Pre-construction involves a continuous balance of program needs with budget, schedule, and long-term operating considerations. Our entire project team – from senior management to pre-construction managers to field superintendents – is engaged in the process from the earliest stages to ensure continuous sharing of knowledge as well as a seamless transition from early planning to the construction phase and beyond.


  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Optimal delivery system advice – Construction Manager at Risk, Design-Build, Integrated Project Delivery
  • Risk Management
  • Comprehensive scheduling and logistics planning
  • Constructability reviews
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Estimating from conceptual to final
  • Value management including reviews of multiple alternative approaches
  • Mock-ups for assessing strategies and alternatives
  • Green design support including in-depth LEED review and strategy
  • Subcontractor and supplier qualification
  • Complete bidding strategy and execution
  • Communication planning and management

Construction Management

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Construction projects typically involve dozens of entities working on a complex, often high-risk endeavor. Our job is to ensure that the many project participants are qualified for the work, are aligned with our clients’ goals, and are positioned to work safely and efficiently in completing their scope.  As in pre-construction, effective project delivery thrives on sound planning and the resourcefulness to adapt to changing conditions. All key members of the team meet before the project starts to ensure a shared understanding of project scope and goals. Even the best of plans requires periodic adjustment to address inevitable issues that arise or to take of advantage of new opportunities. We employ daily and weekly team meetings to assess project status and adjust our plan as the situation warrants. We emphasize a flexible, collaborative process that incorporates contributions from the owner, the design team, our subcontractors, and our suppliers.

Construction Services:

  • Safety and logistics management, including regular inspections
  • Skilled field and office management
  • Master scheduling and detailed 5-week “look ahead”
  • Building Information Modeling for coordination and pre-fabrication
  • Procurement, including long-lead item focus
  • Regular client and architect meetings with minutes
  • Weekly subcontractor meetings with minutes
  • Communication with all stakeholders including impacted neighbors
  • Coordination of LEED required elements including documentation and certification (as applicable)
  • Standard “green” construction approaches (recycling of waste, monitoring of indoor air quality, and effective management of temporary utilities)
  • Cost controls and reporting
  • Quality control
  • Operations & maintenance manuals and as-built drawings
  • Coordination of commissioning and building startup
  • Training in systems
  • Establishing post-construction support

Operations & Maintenance Support

Even the best-built projects require heightened attention during the “break-in” period following initial occupancy in addition to effective planning  for long-term maintenance and care. We provide our clients with training and a thorough understanding of building systems and maintenance routines before they occupy their new or renovated facility. Wright-Ryan also offers a dedicated post-occupancy support team to ensure that all construction-related issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Operations & Maintenance  Services:

  • Training in Operations & Maintenance / Warranty Support
  • Dedicated maintenance support team
  • Complete maintenance services
  • 24-hour emergency support



Our ability to perform certain critical aspects of the work with our own forces presents our clients with significant potential advantages and options that few other construction firms offer.  We do not employ our own forces on every project. Rather, working closely with our clients and design partners, we carefully select projects for which we can offer cost, quality, and/or scheduling advantages that add value to the project. We often find that we can self-perform certain tasks faster and more economically than subcontractors, particularly on complex, phased projects such as sensitive, occupied renovations with demanding logistical requirements, or projects that require an unusually high level of quality or attention to detail. If the situation warrants, our self-performance capability also allows us to supplement critical subcontracted work to ensure our clients’ objectives are being met. We can also serve as an effective check on subcontractor pricing to ensure our clients they are getting good value.

Our diverse workforce gives us capabilities in:

  • Demolition
  • Concrete
  • Miscellaneous metals
  • Rough and finish carpentry
  • Architectural millwork
  • Historic reproduction and restoration of doors and windows

Select Projects Group

Diversified Communications

There is no “one-size-fits-all” in construction management. The Select Projects Group delivers expedited, knowledgeable solutions for customers requiring a streamlined approach. Project management and field supervision are executed by one individual, maximizing efficiency and reducing overhead costs. With Select Projects you get Wright-Ryan on demand for less.

Please contact Jim Giberson to learn more about Wright-Ryan’s Select Projects Group. Click here for more information about the Select Projects approach.