Oak Street Lofts, LEED Platinum

Oak Street Lofts is a unique property that caters to artists looking to work and live affordably in Portland. It features a ground floor gallery space for use by residents that includes gallery lighting, artwork hanging system, sculpture pedestals, stage lounge seating, and a cafe area. The artwork featured in the gallery rotates monthly. Each apartment is 400 square feet with a galley kitchen, closet and bathroom. High ceilings and large windows create a sunny, spacious feel. It also features a shared work space for residents, and the property’s 37 efficiency apartments include ample storage for art supplies and equipment.

Oak Street Lofts has been certified as LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council, the first affordable multifamily building in Maine to achieve this distinction. The units are nearly 40% more energy efficient than the typical multifamily apartment building. In addition, the project earned Avesta Housing USGBC’s Outstanding Affordable Developer Award for 2012.

Energy-efficient features include:

  • Highly insulated walls and double-glazed windows that achieve up to an R-30 value rating
  • Roofing that achieves an R-49 rating and reduces heat gain
  • Exterior sheathing for optimal air tightness
  • Solar pre-heat system for domestic hot water
  • Condensing boilers that provide up to 93% efficiency
  • Efficient Energy Recovery Ventilators that recover 76% of the energy in the exhaust air stream and transfer it to the supply air stream
  • High-efficiency onsite laundry and low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Locally sourced and durable building materials


Categories: Multifamily Housing / Sustainability