Portland Press Herald: ‘Portland to Unveil Affordable, Energy-Efficient Apartments’

June 7, 2017

PORTLAND, MAINE – A June 6, 2017 article by the Portland Press Herald highlights energy-efficient Passive House design elements and other details that make Bayside Anchor, Portland Housing Authority’s first new development in 45 years, so unique.

The following are excerpts from the story:

“The Portland Housing Authority and Avesta Housing partnered to build the apartments in the city’s East Bayside neighborhood. It includes nine market-rate units and 36 affordable units, …”

“The ground floor will house a Head Start preschool program, Portland community policing and Portland Housing Authority offices.”

“The $7.8 million Bayside Anchor project, which was designed by Kaplan Thompson Architects and built by Wright-Ryan, both of Portland, …”

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