Construction Management

Construction projects typically involve dozens of entities working on a complex, often high-risk endeavor. Our job is to ensure that the many project participants are qualified for the work, are aligned with our clients’ goals, and are positioned to work safely and efficiently in completing their scope.  All key members of the team meet before the project starts to ensure a shared understanding of project scope and goals. We employ daily and weekly team meetings to assess project status and adjust our plan as the situation warrants. We emphasize a flexible, collaborative process that incorporates contributions from the owner, the design team, our subcontractors, and our suppliers.



  • Safety and logistics management, including regular inspections
  • Skilled field and office management
  • Master scheduling and detailed 5-week “look ahead”
  • Building Information Modeling for coordination and pre-fabrication
  • Procurement, including long-lead item focus
  • Regular client and architect meetings with minutes
  • Weekly subcontractor meetings with minutes
  • Communication with all stakeholders including impacted neighbors
  • Coordination of LEED required elements including documentation and certification (as applicable)
  • Standard “green” construction approaches (recycling of waste, monitoring of indoor air quality, and effective management of temporary utilities)
  • Cost controls and reporting
  • Quality control
  • Operations & maintenance manuals and as-built drawings
  • Coordination of commissioning and building startup
  • Training in systems
  • Establishing post-construction support